Sunday, February 12, 2012

SlaveCity - Origins

Modern slave colonies, they exist everywhere. There are SlaveZones, where hookers and illegal workers live together with refugees and imported cheap working force. But slaves live everywhere, some of them simply earn more. SlaveCity is where people surrender their freedom for money, status, excitement, cheap thrills and easy sex.

We started SlaveCity as a semi-documentary project, combining video and animation. First we took a camera to the obvious place – the old central station of Tel-Aviv where chinese, that seems like a slave planet. Afterwords we broaded the shooting to different cities and industrial zones, understanding it all part of one big structure.

Dan: The hero of SlaveCity is a young writer. He rents in SlaveZone, the cheaper part of town. Sure, he's looking for excitement and sex, but doubts the need to sell his freedom.
Jaboobi: Old hooker, that manages the sex shop below Dan's home.
Manoosh: Jaboobi's pimp and Dan's landlod. An Elvis impresonator.
Lizzy: Dan's boss at “SlaveCity Times” daily news. Hot rich babe who lives in the MasterZone and appears in Dan's wet dreams.
Abutbul: Ex-Drug diller who's trying to become a respectable office criminal. Becomes Dan's best friend.

New Characters (Season 2):
Yo: Occasional model and stewardess, part time selector in clubs. Dan's sexy neighbour.
Steve: Dan's father, rich and annoying inventor. Owner of tech firm

City Guide:
SlaveZone: Low rents, crappy apartments, hookers, illegals, hard working badly paid slaves.
MasterZone: Upper class, top living with ocean view. No entrance for slaves.
OfficeZone: Where decisions are made
PowerZone: Energy sources – power station, industries, clubs
RestrictedZone: Crime and drugs
McSlave: Chopped cows in fresh buns

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